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I started this blog several years ago while living in Washington DC and have been trying to get things rolling again after moving to Beijing and now Connecticut.  My original intent with this blog was to keep notes on my own experimentation in the kitchen.  I have traveled and lived in much of Asia and most of what I cook is influenced by my time spent there so I figured that I would focus on the different cuisines in Asia.

I’m by no means  a professional chef, but was influenced by my grandfather who cooked for a living.  I feel like cooking is a continual learning process and I pull ideas from watching others cook in their kitchens, meals I have eaten in restaurants, newspaper articles, food magazines, other blog posts, cookbooks, etc and then try to replicate the dishes in my own kitchen. I rarely cook strictly from cookbooks and recipes, but often use them as launching points for my own experimentation.  Hopefully through this blog, we can experiment together…..


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